Tips To Sell Your Home

home selling tips

Tips to sell your house fast

You’ve likely heard some horror stories about the stress of trying to sell a home. Don’t want to go through that stress?

Well here are 8 tips to help you sell your home fast!


  1. Clean, declutter, and stage your home. You want to show every person there the true potential of your home, and rather than distract them from that with your stuff, it’s best to give your house a thorough floor-to-ceiling cleaning.  Here are some DIY staging tips


  1. Consider your landscaping. Landscaping can be some of the most cost effective real estate improvements you can make.  Mow the lawn and edge along driveways and walkways. Pressure wash your surfaces. Give the siding or shutters and extra coat of paint to brighten things up. Do some landscaping. Ferns, flowers, trees, potted plants. Whatever you put will add some instant color.


  1. Give/provide useful information packets (folders, binders, CDs) to every attendee with information on the house itself, photos, community and neighborhood information. Most potential buyers see lots of houses—you want them to have something to take home to remember your house by.


  1. Hire a professional to photograph the home. The first thing that buyers are going to do is look at your home listing online. Want to impress? Have great, staged, well-lit and properly angled, professional photos in your listing. Make sure you post enough that they get a full sense of your home so that they want to have a viewing.


  1. Don’t ever say “We love this house, but…” No matter what you insert into the end of that sentence, your potential buyers don’t need to hear it. This statement puts doubt into their minds, makes them see problems that they might not have noticed before.


  1. Consider your paint colors. No matter what the colors are in your home, give them a fresh coat before you list the home. It’s always safe to go relatively neutral in your paint colors. It’s best to avoid black, or anything  too dark or bright. Also try not to paint every wall in every room the same color…boring!


  1. Don’t tell buyers how much you spent in renovations. Just because you spent half a fortune and several months renovating the new bathroom, doesn’t mean that your potential buyer 1) cares; 2) is willing to spend more because you think it’s worth more; 3) needs to know. This might also draw attention to the things that you didn’t renovate.


  1. Share your home listing with your Facebook friends. Facebook is a wonderful way to connect with people and let them know that your home is for sale. Your friends may know a friend who aunt is looking to buy in your area!