10 Kitchen Updates For Sellers

Kitchen Updates For a Quick Sale

One of the most important rooms in the home is the kitchen.  I have seen good kitchen upgrades, and I have seen bad kitchen upgrades.  I always advise sellers to communicate with their Realtor to find out what is in, what is out, and what could be a waste of money.

Age Will Depend On What Needs Done

Most homes for sale if over ten years old will need some updating, or freshening up.  The kitchen is a focal point, and can be done inexpensively.  Make sure you provide your Realtor with receipts for the work that you do, and list them so that he/she can put that in remarks on the listing in the MLS.

Increase Your Online Views

A lot of buyers looking for their first home look for keywords like “upgrades”, “fresh paint”, and this will increase your online view, thus leading to more appointments.  More appointments, will mean more offers.  The Lakeview Real Estate Market has seen an uptick in online searches for words as mentioned above.

Okay, so where should you start? 

Here are 10 HOT ideas to upgrade any kitchen


  1. Paint the cabinets. View some of the newer homes, consult with your Realtor or even just look online for the current colors. A lot of homes are going with one color on the cabinets, and a separate color on the island.  Try and stay in the “neutral” zone with color to be on the safe side, but now greys, and blues are considered neutral, as opposed to the age old “beige”.Painted Cabinets
  2. Replace your cabinet doors, or remove them altogether. You can find doors at your local hardware store that can be painted to match your cabinets.  Leaving the doors off altogether, adding plate racks, or wine glass holders really opens up a smaller kitchen.  This lets you use your dishes and glassware as décor also.
  3. If your door pulls and knobs are tired, change them out. Try and match your finish on your door pulls and knobs to your lighting and faucets if possible. This is an inexpensive and fast update to any kitchen, and easy to do yourself.

4.  Add pendant lighting. Taking out the tired fixtures of yesterday, and adding the pendants above your sink and/or Island will make a great show! Remember, try to keep the same finish as knobs and faucets.  There are many finishes to choose from.  Stainless knobs, and faucets are making a comeback with the newer subway tile back splashes.

5.  This brings us to back splashes. Depending on how old your home is, there may not even be anything other than painted sheet rock as your back splash. No demo needed then, and you can take classes at the hardware stores and even install the back splash yourself. The subway pattern is hot now, white, and clean.  Tumbled Travertine is still popular and classic as well.travertine

6.  Change that leaky faucet…..no better time than now to upgrade the faucet to a popular finish. They have touch faucet’s now that make cooking and getting around in the kitchen quite delightful.

7.  Replace the counter top. There are many products available now to choose from.  Ceramic tile, man made products that look like granite, and of course, true granite itself.  This is large part of most kitchens and will make a huge impact on the look.

8.  Add fresh window treatments. Maybe go with a lighter, airy look.  Remove the heavy, older drapes of the past and allow the sunshine in.

9.  Add fresh fruit in glass bowls or cylinders. Lemons are beautiful displayed, they last a long time, and when they get “tired” you can slice them and run them down the garbage disposal for a fresh scent.lemonsinjar

10.  Add an area rug, or two. Place smaller rugs in front of the sink and stove, and if you have the space to add a larger rug under the kitchen table for splash of color.